INK (Igor Nikolajevitch Kalinauskas)

(artist, musician, writer, psychologist, philosopher, professor, theater & film director)

Born: February 7, 1945 Novgorod, Russia


In September 2015 Igor Kalinauskas was elected to become a Honorary member of Russian Academy of Arts.
In August 2009, Igor Kalinauskas was elected to become a member of International Vesuvian Academy (Italy)
In April 2009, Igor Kalinauskas has been awarded the Gold Medal of Franz Kafka.
In March 2008, Igor Kalinauskas was elected to become a member of Masareka Academy of Arts (Czech Republic)

There was an art gallery devoted to Igoris Kalinauskas opened in September 2016. Igoris Kalinauskas art gallery presents constantly renewed exhibition of this artist.

List of Personal Exhibitions:

List of Group Exhibitions:

  • September 2014 – «Eich Blatt Gallery», Berlin, Germany,. Part of Art Berlin Art Fair Project «Ultraviolet Light» (international curator Christina Katrakis).
  • January-February 2014 – New York, USA. Caelum Galley, Chelea. The International Winter Exibition (international curators Christina Katrakis, Nicholas Bergman & Masuzu Takemoto).
  • March 2010 – Moscow, Russia. Master-studio Chronotope. Exhibition “Impressions. Travelling notes”.
  • November 2007 – Moscow, Russia. International Exhibition Centre Crocus Expo. Millionaire Fair.
  • Moscow 2007 – „Primordial“, „Creation of planets“.
  • September 2007 – Moscow, Russia. International festival „Transformation“. The exhibition „The Last Supper: Spirit, Flesh, Blood“.
  • September 2007 – Fortanellato (Parma), Italy. Rocca dei Sanvitale. The exhibition „Genesi: Parole della creazione“.
  • June 2006 – Paris, France. Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpetriere. The exhibition „Genese: Paroles de la Creation“.
  • January 2006 – St.-Petersburg, Russia. The Russian State Ethnographic Museum. The exhibition of modern artists of St.-Petersburg. „Artindex – 2006“.
  • April 2005 – Piacenza, Italy. Chakra.
  • September 2004 – Salzburg, Austria. Berchtoldvilla Gallery. Deeper.
  • 2004 – Paris, France. International festival of Montmartre.
  • 2004 – Municipality Vilnius, Lithuania. The exhibition „Red“ in the project „the Greatest gallery in Lithuania“.
  • 2003 – Vilnius, Lithuania. International festival „Days of capital“. The exhibition-project „Gallery of prospectus Gediminas“.
  • 2000 – Geneva, Switzerland. International Art Fair Europ’ART.
  • 2000 – St. Petersburg, Russia. Annual Exhibition of the St. Petersburg artists „Petersburg 2000“.
  • 1999 – St. Petersburg, Russia. Annual Exhibition of the St. Petersburg artists „Petersburg’99.
  • 1999 – Moscow, Russia. Central House of Artists. Exhibition of Russian Artists.