The symbolic, relative language of Kalinauskas’ portraits in some way reminds the language of icon <…>. The symbolic language both in icon and in Kalinauskas’ works is not an end in itself <…>, but it is just a means, an artistic language which allows the artist to look inside a man several existential layers “deeper” than his momentary psychic status.
Byzantine icon (and later east-slavic icon) depicts man in the way he is discovered in eternity: in plenitude of his godsent gifts. Contrariwise, Kalinauskas depicts man “now and here”, just the way man exists in this world: with all aspiration for the celestial spheres and at the same time being bound with the terrestrial realia. And in this sense his works are dramatic which was always avoided by Byzantine icon tradition.
Extract from catalogue „Ach!“. Text by  Alisa Lozhkina, art critic, editor-in-chief, ART UKRAINE