The artist’s beloved motif is a circle (tondo).

International curator Christina Katrakis, MFA, says, „One may argue, that the height of the contemporary „tondo movement“ took place in early sixties and seventies, with works by such artists as Wojciech Fangor and his non-tantric disc-like paintings. This theme was later continued in a series of works by Lea Lenhart. While some artists such as Robert Schaberl, Hans Herbert Hartwieg, also Gary Lang and Tracy Melton still continue to work in the Tondo movement today. Yet I do not see Igor Kalinauskas’ work as the remains of the 60s and 70s movement… On contrary, I see it as a totally new wave of Tondo, which underwent the renaissance of its own principal ideals and is now a thriving, totally new, post-modern form of expression“